Finding a Light in a Dark Room

If you’re like me, you work very diligently at turning your focus to things that inspire rather than conspire, and discuss topics that uplift as opposed to weigh down. However, in our world that is in the midst of a spiritual awakening, focusing on thoughts and actions that leave you feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside can be a tall order. It is true that out of our darkest moments, as a collective, we will give rise to the most amazing civilization that planet Earth has ever seen. Greater than Lemuria, greater than Ancient Egypt, and even greater than the Atlantians. Yes my dear friends, it is possible that we as a society can claim our birth right to stand next to these amazing civilizations, not only as equals, but with the task of picking up where they left off. This would be the tallest of tall orders.

With all that being said, it is easy to read the above paragraph and skip immediately from the sentence about the dark stuff right down to where we gain supernatural powers and technologies that free us completely. Our minds instinctively move immediately from the things that scare us to the things that give us hope. “Bless your souls, dear humans” is what the Archangels and Tobel say to me when I find myself glancing over the aspects of my life that I am not fond of, or parts of society that I wish would go away. But as the great teachers remind us over and over again, “That what you resist will persist”….

So what is the answer then? If I am to put my attention towards the darkness, won’t that bring more dark in to my life? I want to have more love and light, not darkness!

I would echo your sentiments exactly, and perhaps the answer lies somewhere in middle as opposed to the extremes (as it usually does). If I were to take the example of the office lunch room, and all the discussions and gabbing that takes place there, we could potentially describe the perfect setting where we find ourselves challenged to stay in the light. Sally discussing with Tim about Brenda and Jonathan quietly murmuring to Jackie about Nathan. Fred is over at the lunch tables speaking with Stephanie about the latest atrocity that occurred with upper management while Michelle is still reeling from the most recent news story she saw last night describing death, destruction, and animosity in regions close and abroad. Then, somewhere in the room, perhaps close by, is you. In this moment you are faced with a challenge:

Do I join in and provide my 2 cents worth of opinion about Brenda, Nathan, or upper management? Do I keep my mouth shut and pretend like the only two things in this world are me and my sandwich? Is there an option “C” that I am, as of right now, unaware of?

I’m not sure that any one person could or should tell you specifically what you should or shouldn’t do except for your own higher self. Really, if we were to look at this from a spiritual perspective, I’m quite confident that the Buddha or Jesus would just say “how on Earth should I know what you’re supposed to do?”. Becoming more spiritual is all about getting in touch with your own inner wisdom and thus not needing anyone to tell you what to do except for your own divine truth. However, when faced with difficult decisions I always find it helpful to consider a metaphor, especially when my vibrational frequency is at stake.

Consider for a moment a candle sitting alone in a dark room. It would make sense to focus our attention on the candle since it is the only thing that is producing light, but what if we are missing the bigger picture? Do we define the light as just the absence of dark? It would be akin to the idea of defining health as just the absence of illness, but I feel we’ve grown enough in this field to know it is not that simple…

If we are going to follow along that line of thinking then why don’t we consider the metaphor from a different angle. Consider now, that you are the candle and therefore are the thing we are trying to define and describe. Would you want to be defined by a single aspect or characteristic, or would you want a broad range of concepts, ideas, and perspectives to define you? Let us then say that the candle requires the dark in order to be seen. They are equals and thus need to be evaluated as such. There can be space for both if we allow it to be so and it only matters what we wish to experience more of.

So, to get back to our original scenario, we could say that joining in with the debate and gossip is just as valid as remaining in solitude with your sandwich. Maybe you’ll feel better throwing in your perspective instead of remaining silent, but then again, perhaps you won’t. Maybe it’s an effort in futility to debate with them and you’ll just feel gross the rest of the day. The decision is yours. If this dialogue strikes a chord with you then maybe I’ll share this one piece of advice that Tobel shared with me.

If you’re shopping for candles then you should probably find the section where they stock candles. Doing anything else would be silly.

What I took this to mean was as follows:

If you want more light in your life then look for it, search for it, desire it, yearn for it, and when all else fails, try starting a fire. Things seem to be attracted to light and I’m sure like minded people will find you.

We are destined for greatness, of that, I am sure. How long it takes us to get there is really the question we are all asking. Instead of asking how long the journey will be, maybe we could focus more intently on making one small choice at a time and seeing it as adding to the collective effort to get there.

Until next time, we love you all 🙂



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