Doing Yourself a Favour

Tobel picks some of the weirdest times to inspire me. I use the word inspire because I rarely have the experience of any of my guides physically speaking to me. Rather, I suddenly find myself compelled to write about a topic or noticing my attention moving towards a specific memory. I know that this is one of my guides prompting me to do this because it lines up with a particular sign. These will include a familiar number sequence or perhaps a specific song will come on the radio. Other times I’ll look up at the sky and notice the moon is showing itself just over head, which is probably one of the most common signs I receive.

In this case, however, I was sitting in the Victoria airport terminal awaiting my 12 o’clock flight to Vancouver when suddenly I was inspired to write. There was nothing overtly special about the moment, no fancy number sequence, no moon over head. Instead, just 4 simple words that rattled off in my head. Those 4 words happened to be “do yourself a favour”. I had to take a moment and ponder what the intention of those 4 words was actually meant to direct me towards writing about and then suddenly it hit me. This message was for me. Suddenly it made sense.

Let me explain.

With the coming new year I have been asked by several people to provide insight about the coming new energy from the Archangel’s perspective and the perspective of Tobel. The answer that has been given by them is that 2015 will be the year of Truth. More specifically it will be the year of Truth revealing itself, which in some cases, may sound like a daunting omen. We as human beings seem to have a natural aversion to hearing the truth. Typically because the Truth that is shared with us has traditionally been that of a negative nature. For example:

The economy is failing

The food supply is being poisoned 

Sweet-heart, you’re very noisy when you eat* 

*My wife contributed that Truth to me

These questions got me thinking about my own feelings about the new year and what possible changes could be coming for humanity. Anyone who knows me and the beings I channel will tell you that we would never deliver a transmission that inspires fear in any person brave enough to hear the message. Fear only creates more fear. However, what happens when the Truth that is being revealed is something that truly is frightening? What then?

First of all, let me put your mind at ease. There have been NO messages I have received that indicate that you should run for the hills. Nothing indicating that the dollar is going to collapse or a threatening alien invasion is on the way. Not one. Phew.

However, we still have this Truth thing to mull over in our heads for 2015. Personally, I had a small realization that crept through me as I read other initiative’s articles and watched video interviews with those in the know. The truth that crashed in to me was that on some level I AM scared. Just a bit anyways. I do have some fears regarding aspects of human life that I know very little about. I do not understand Wall Street and I definitely do not follow politics let alone understand it. Therefore, how could I possibly know what is happening to these institutions during this time of expanded consciousness? I suppose this is where Tobel comes in and the messages he has sent me during my moments of quiet.

Do yourself a favour and pay them no attention.    

Dear Sweet Human Beings,

Be aware, but pay them no attention. You are setting the stage for who you will become. Choose wisely the path that is best suited for you and know that there will be support granted to all those who ask for it. Regardless of the timeline you choose to experience we, and other beings of service, will surround you and do that which we are trained to do. We will serve and we will love. There is nothing to fear if you choose love and remember just how very loved you are. Do yourself a favour and turn off your news. When you feel as if you are being swept by fears reach out to someone you care about and tell them you love them. Remind yourself why you are here on Earth and what beautiful things surround you. Do yourself a favour and pause before you react to those situations and individuals that anger you. In that in “between moment” consciously choose a reaction that supports love. Do yourself a favour and remind yourself everyday how loved human beings are. Do yourself a favour and remember home.

I am Tobel, lover of Humanity

We are going to be okay. Whatever truths are left to be revealed to us, individually and collectively, we will be okay.

I love you all 🙂



One thought on “Doing Yourself a Favour

  1. Hi Geoff. Thanks for the update and what about our 1 hour appt for sometime Monday or Tuesday??? I should have those days free. Let me know if anything on those days could work. We are 2 hours later than you, but anytime during the day should work. Shirley

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