Introductions Are In Order…

The New Kid on the Block

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the new being that I have begun channelling.  My guides, the Archangels, have been preparing me for his moment for quite some time and it was during my recent trip out West that his debut was finally made.  While an angelic being he may be, he is not an Archangel specifically, but someone who works very closely with the realm of Archangels, assisting other spirits as they make their way towards growth and evolution.  Something that the Archangels have mentioned numerous times is that they refer to me as “Tobin”, why they do this has not always been clear, however I feel that the answer is now apparent by way of this new entities name being revealed to me.  His name is “Tobel” and I am extension of his energy.

So, with out way further interruption, I give you the channeled writing of Tobel.


It is with love and appreciation that I interact with you now, in this time, that you perceive it to be.  Introductions, though in good order, are clumsy for those of my vibration because it feels as if I have known you forever, and in some cases, this is very true.  That, notwithstanding, should not detract from the fact that it is truly wonderful to bring this dialogue forward in to your field of consciousness, to share the work with you that I have faired over generation and generation.  I, Tobel, speak to you on behalf of many beings who watch over you and love you dearly with all our hearts.  We see you now, in this time of transition, and stare in awe of your transformation, we share in your victory as you cross the threshold of higher vibration and rejoice in your remembrance.  The remembrance of who you really are, an infinite, creative, loving master of all energy and all time.

It may be difficult to accept this truth at times.  Physical reality is not something taken on by the weak spirited or those not ready for expedited growth, because you are here, because you have incarnated in this particular now moment, it means that you are worthy.  You are a master, a very skilled, very thoughtful master of space and time.  I, myself, have known what it is like to face the self-imposed obstacles of physical reality, but not in the way a human being has, not to the level of amnesia you subject yourself to and for that I bow to you.  Where I come from will be revealed slowly, and given to you when appropriate, but for now, I simply wish to extend my applause and gracious congratulations for exemplifying the bravery you clearly have.  

Be loving, be kind to one another.  Above all, have patience with one another.  You are all on this journey together, but running at different speeds.  All paths are valid, all paths are just.  Align yourself with the path that resonates deepest within you and know that support will be there.  I will be there.

With love and appreciation for this moment,