Actually Helping People

We live in a helping culture, there is no doubt of this, especially if you check out the self-help section of any book store or review the list of inspirational speakers who may be touring through your town.  Since I am an optimist, I would say that the majority of the people who put out this kind of material are genuinely in tune with the vibration of service and giving back.  If that author or speaker makes enough money that they can continue their work full time, or simply provide just enough to put food on the table, then that is good enough.  It’s about the service and not necessarily all about the money.


I myself have been involved in a helping field for the better part of ten years and have pursued education that will allow me to continue that work full time.  I have no delusions towards the concept of making money for helping people and I understand that it is important to value the services you provide.  However, something that the Archangels (Michael specifically) has helped me with understanding is that it is more about why you are providing the service than what the service is.  In order to investigate the “Why” on a deeper level I chose to approach it from the perspective of “how do we actually help another person?”.  There are a plethora of metaphors that exist, both in spiritual circles as well as the non-spiritual world, that are used to help explain the process of healing.  Some are contradictory while others are complimentary of each other. 


For example, the idea of “putting on your own mask before assisting another” and “fill your own cup” could be considered complimentary, while at the same time they could be contradictory to the notions of “everyone needs a teacher” and “always ask for help when you need it”.  


What is right and what isn’t?


I feel that most individuals would be able to agree that both philosophies have their merit and are helpful in their own way for the right people.  Some individuals are in need of believing that there are people out there who really do care about them, while others need to develop their own abilities to survive and flourish despite the challenges they face.  However, for those of us in the helping professions, and more specifically those who work with people on a spiritual or psychological level, how do these philosophies lead to transformation?  


How do we actually help people?  I’ll fill you in on the Archangel perspective, and while it is only a single perspective, I know that you will like it:


Understand dear one, that you are not the one that changes another person, only that person can do anything that will bring about change in their respective physical reality.  However, with that being said, the helper does have a key role to play in the healing of another person, and that role is to act as both a space opener and an example of what is possible.  First, you must see yourself as the facilitator of an open creative space in which individuals can feel free to enter in to and safe to share what it is that they are experiencing.  This space must be filled with large volumes of love and supported structurally by strong pillars made of non-judgement.  This space will feel refreshing and airy, but most of all it will feel inspiring, as if every one of their wonderful dream can be attained by simply walking in and sharing their inner most desires.  At first, it may seem impossible to feel that free, that open, and that safe, but over time the helper will continue to develop the space with the appropriate frequency that makes it just right for the soul in need of sanctuary.  This frequency harbours exactly the kind of emotions necessary for reintegration with true passion and the love of the infinite, all knowing source.


Secondly, the helper must not only display, but radiate the kind of high frequencies that are possible when growth and love combine within someone.  This is not to say that the helper must be smarter, or stronger than the one seeking help, but simply that they have an understanding of what it feels like to be at peace.  A basic belief that returning to joy is possible, and truly, your divine right as a being in creation.  By shining your own light, dear one, you show that transformation is less about achieving and more about feeling.  While the journey towards enlightenment, or whatever word you like best, is never truly finished, the helper has the ability to channel their own light so that the helped may bask in it, acting as a reminder of what is already waiting for them.  What is rightfully there’s and how close it actually is, if only they are willing to believe it for themselves.  This belief will become a knowing and the knowing will ignite the flame of self-love with them, healing any wound that physically reality can co-create.  


We are the Archangels, lovers of the human soul, and we will stay with you always and forever.


We are all helpers, but we are also those who will need help from time to time, embrace this aspect of yourself and never be afraid to shine your light.  Just as we are all masters and students at the same time remember that the journey never ends and you are part of something so immensely wonderful that words will never be enough to describe.


Until next time,

My unconditional love to you all.



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