The Self in all Things

“The purpose of things in life is not for you to love them, but to love the Self in all things”


– The Upanishads


One of the key spiritual concepts that exists all over the world is loving the world in its entirety, which (depending on the day) may seem like an effortless task or an impossible feat.  In my last blog entry I spoke about the death of my grandfather and how it brought a wave emotional turmoil over me.  I had never been very close with him and I would be lying if I denied experiencing anger towards the man over my life.  In fact, one of my greatest challenges with becoming more spiritual, and connecting with the Archangels, has been in the category of forgiveness, which Sandy (my grandfather) was supposed to help teach me.  The difficult truth is, we don’t learn forgiveness from those who are nice to us, we learn it from those who trespass against us, who hurt us, who ignore, cheat, steal, and lie to us.  We come to learn forgiveness only after we have identified how carrying the baggage of anger and pain hold us back from having the kind of life we really want to live.  A life that is filled with joy and happiness, free of all the low vibrational frequencies that tag along with painful memories.          


The quote you see above is a teaching of Krishna from Upanishads which is a very sacred text of the Hindu religion.  When I read it, I suddenly found myself viewing my relationship with Sandy in a very different way and I was finally able to see the view from the mountain top as opposed to the view from the valley.  The truth is that I was deeply disappointed and hurt by the lack of relationship with my grandfather; I felt forgotten and not important.  I was angry with him and expressed that anger on a regular basis, angry at the way he treated my mother, my father, the favouritism, the perceived lack of empathy.  Most of all, I was angry at being denied a relationship with the only grandfather I had ever known.  I could not bring myself to feel love for this man, and for that, I was angry at myself.  Someone once told me that “what makes me special is that I love loving”, I was angry at myself because I couldn’t feel love for him.


The quote from the Upanishads is enlightening for me because it revealed a hidden truth about those who we quarrel with, fight with, disagree with, or engage in any form of low vibrational frequency with.  It showed me that it is not about loving someone in spite of the upsetting behaviour they may engage in, but instead loving them because their is a piece of the infinite in them.  


Therefore, there is a piece of you in that person.


Love the Self in all things, for it is that kind of love that is healing and free of all judgements.  It is free of judgement because you cannot truly judge the infinite without judging yourself.  Try saying that ten times fast 🙂


What I am really trying to say is this:

My grandfather, even though he was unable to express it, loved me very deeply and meant no harm by the way he chose to experience physical reality.  His choices may not have appeared to be beneficial for me, but the lessons he had to teach me were not of a direct nature.  They were subtle and meant to be indirect, they were to be revealed when I was ready and able to receive them in their full capacity.  They were not the easy lessons nor were they fun, but what they did turn out to be was incredibly profound and relieving.  The fact that he existed in my physical reality was a gift, perhaps not a gift by our traditional definition, but through spiritual eyes, there is no gift more powerful.  


Love the Self that resides within the person or people who do not treat you the way you want them do.  Honour the fact that they signed up to teach you the hardest lessons as opposed to letting someone else do it.  They cared and loved you to such an extent that they chose to uphold that responsibility, take on that karma, and push you to new levels of evolution and expansion you didn’t think possible.  The ones who abuse and mistreat you are quite possibly (from a spiritual perspective) the ones who love you the very most.  


Let that sink in for a moment a take a deep breath.   


It is normal to feel angry with those who have hurt you, and it is sometimes expected that you could experience the frequency of hate.  However, at some point you will have a decision to make with respect to how you carry on in your life.  Will you choose to hold on to that low vibrational frequency and let it dictate how you experience physical reality, or will you choose to love the Self that resides in all things and be at peace with the divine love that exists for you?


I’m not saying that it is easy or even that it happens quickly because I can personally attest that it is neither.  However, with the help of my grandfather, the angels, my wonderful wife, my family and all those around me (both physically and non-physically) it is getting easier.  


Until next time,


My absolute unconditional love to you all!




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