Going Home

I’ve taken a small break from writing recently to focus my attention on finishing my graduate degree, which for those who have under taken such a task, I’m sure, will empathize.  That being said, while the writing has slowed down the spiritual work has not and I feel more lucid with my communications with the Archangels than ever before.  What started as a routine vacation away from the daily grind of 3 dimensional life has turned in to a full on spiritual awakening in its own rite.  In order to understand what I mean I’ll have to provide you with some background information first.


About 1 week ago my grandfather fell ill and was rushed to the hospital on the west coast of Canada where he has lived for the majority of his life.  His illness timed itself well, in the sense that a good majority of my family would be on the west coast around the same time and we would be able to visit him.  However, the prognosis was not good and our visits turned in to saying goodbye and making peace.  Since I did not have a strong relationship with the man, and he had not shown a great interest in having a relationship with me, I fell more in to the later category.   My attention turned to being present for my mother who was now losing her father and the benefits of having a son who talks to angels was definitely appreciated at this time.  On Friday April 4th at approximately 10am Brian “Sandy” Pearson, my grandpa, left the physical plane to meet with his guides and begin anew.


At first I didn’t suspect I would have any communication with my guides with respect to my grandfather’s transition to the world of light, but I was happily mistaken.  They shared in detail what his transition was like up until he had completed what they refer to as “The Review” and only after that did the messages cease.  It was a great comfort to my mother and I was blessed to be able to share it with her.  It also provided a small window of opportunity where I could speak with my grandfather while in a meditative state and be honest with him, which was a luxury I never took advantage of while he was here in physical form.  The details of that conversation will stay between myself and my grandfather, but suffice it to say, it moved me deeply.  The fear of death is something that afflicts the human race very strongly and I would count my grandfather as one of those who resisted death until he could resist it no more.  In the end, his transition was beautiful and the next great journey for him will begin just as it does for all of us.  


The end becomes the new beginning, it is the nature of souled being, and it is beautiful.


The Archangel Collective speaks of the transition process in a manner that feels more like going home.  Like waking from a dream, you feel a sense of euphoria knowing that you are once again in the light of the divine and unconditional love.  More than anything, what I have learned from my grandfather’s passing is just how much there is still to learn about compassion and it’s need for nurturing within the human spirit.  If there is someone in your life (especially family) who you feel lowers your ability to experience high vibrational frequency then I can only suggest one thing.  Feel as much compassion for that person as you possibly can and remember that all is as it should be in the heart of creation and the mind of God.  

You are loved and loved completely.

The Archangels wish you to know that more than anything 🙂


Grandpa, good luck in your journey and until we meet again!


My unconditional love to you all (even you Sandy),





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