Support vs. Intervention

I was asked an interesting question last week and it inspired me to write about a topic that is heavily misunderstood in our current society.  It has to do with our expectations of benevolent beings such as angels, spirit guides, and of course God.  The question was as follows:


“If I have a guardian angel with me then why have they allowed me to suffer?” 


To be honest, this is a fair question and the Archangels have an incredible perspective on this idea, but truthfully if you have to ask the question it usually indicates that you are not ready to hear the answer.  Therefore, consider this your “heads up” before continuing to read and please remember that this is just their perspective and nothing more.  You must look within and decide for yourself what feels right and real to you, they have no desire to convince you of anything.  With that being said, let us examine it from their perspective.


First of all, they wish you to know that in their eyes you are an equal to them in every way.  You are neither below them or above them, you are just as they are, a piece of creation and therefore a piece of God.  The ONLY difference that exists (keeping in mind that difference is only experienced by you and not by them) is that they reside in a different frequency than you currently do being that you are in physical form.  They are energetic beings vibrating at the level of pure unconditional love, that which is closely resembling the love of the one infinite creator / Source / God / etc.  


Because they have this knowing of the God-nature that resides with in you they have not the capacity or the desire to intervene in your life in any way, shape or form.  That which has been called Divine Intervention does not really exist as you have defined it.  There is no being “pulling the strings” and deciding who gets protection and who doesn’t.  Everyone is entitled to protection, but the word that probably best describes how their influence is felt is that of support.  It is very true that some individuals have experienced moments in their life where it appears that someone or something prevented a catastrophe from happening, or at least happening to them and I would not suggest that you are wrong.  However, what I would suggest is reframing exactly what took place with respect to the perspective held by the Archangels.  


They are not the ones who pull the car off of the child who is in danger of being crushed.  It is the mother who performs this act with the assistance of the angels, but without the mother this act could not take place.  The angel simply lends it’s support and assistance to you during a time of need and nothing more, for it is you who must make the decision to act.  And then, there is the case of the question posed earlier which concerns the nature of “bad things” happening to us and the experience of suffering.  Why are they not lending their support during those times and why must I suffer alone?  Why don’t they do anything to stop it?


Again, they recognize and value the creator God with in you, and if YOU have attracted or created a specific experience or set of experiences in your physical reality, then it would be an act against free will to intervene.  Remember, taking responsibility for ones life means that you take responsibility for the bad things and not just the good.  Everything you experience, on one level or another, is by an act of choice.


Everything. Period.  


For some, this will sound blunt and callous, for that I send you my love and my empathy.  My intention is not to diminish your feelings or burden you with guilt over creating a traumatic experience.  However, the first step in solving any personal issue is by first admitting that their is a problem and taking responsibility for it.  The good news is that just as one can feel defeated by the realization that they have created and co-created the events in their life, so to can an individual feel empowered by the knowing that they have the power to change it.  It is at this point that we turn our attention back to the good news, which is the fact that you are never alone on your journey of self-discovery and healing.  This is where the angels and Archangels have the most interest in working with you and lending their support.


Your guardian angel or angels are their to assist you during your times of need and provide you with guidance and protection when needed.  What this really means is that they work with you on an energetic level to maintain, increase, or change the frequencies you are vibrating at during any given moment.  They are not diving in front of a bullet for you, so to speak, but instead take the approach of helping you make decisions that avoid the bullet all together.  If you really really insist on having an experience that is dangerous and has the potential to cause you grave harm then there is nothing they can do to stop you.  However, they will try to send you messages that they are there and want you to be safe.  


The same angel guides are typically with you for the entirety of your physical existence, however there are some instances where different ones will come and go depending on the kind of assistance you need.  Certain angelic beings may have a particular interest in one part of your life  and therefore want to be close with you, either because you asked them to prior to incarnating or because they have a speciality they wish to share with you.  Perhaps, there is an important lesson that you must learn with respect to being compassionate, during a difficult and trying time in your life.  There may be a master angel or Archangel who understands the kind of support you will need in order to best amalgamate the experience in to your awareness and ultimately accelerate your spiritual growth.  




You are still privy to free will and therefore the choices you make are completely your own.  The strongest guardian angel in all of creation could not intervene to change the outcome of anyone’s life.  They will not do this, because they respect the god or goddess with in you that is capable of creating miracles.  That is not to say that they will not help co-create a miraculous event with you, for nothing brings them greater joy than assisting you in whatever your greatest passion is.  That may be in the formation of a fulfilling career, a masterful piece of artwork, or a new born child. 


With that being said, to answer the initial question, there is no being (angel or otherwise) that is causing your suffering in the first place other than what you have attracted and agreed upon on your own.  They are not just standing by and apathetically watching you feel pain, for this is not their desire and is most certainly not what they want to see you experience.  However, they respect and admire you for the fact that having these painful experiences can create catapult like jumps in your spiritual evolution.  They feel a sense of honour that you would allow them the privilege of being apart of your reality in whatever form you allow them to.


So what exactly do they do when you are in pain?   


They get as close as they possible can to you, both physically and energetically, and love you with as much power as exists within all of creation.  Just as you pray that they surround you in times of need, they pray with the same amount of conviction, that you will feel their presence and the intensity of the love they have for you.


Until next time,


My unconditional love to you and the beings who guide you 🙂



One thought on “Support vs. Intervention

  1. I went to see Geoff on Sunday for a session. I have been trying to process everything he said to me in the two hours that felt like 10min.Geoff really helped me to see, I need to work on ME and the rest will just fall into place. If I could just raise my vibration, I could attract a result different from the results I am getting now but how? If I really want to see change, Geoff said the answers will come to me. I questioned why bad things always seem to happen to me and was asked to read Support Vs Intervention. I come from a church background and have recently vetured out to explore cautiously, other areas I believe could help me. Angels are definately something I believe in but was taught not to talk to them or consult them directly. I was taught my only help is supposed to come from Christ. I have to admit that since I have been talking to the angels, things have gotten better for me and I don’t know why but I don’t feel I need to question it.

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