Love: A New Perspective

Over the last few days I have spent a considerable amount of time pondering what my next blog post should encompass.  Until this point, much of my time in meditation has been spent on writing my first book and blog ideas have fallen by the wayside.  However, the answer came while doing one of my walking meditations this morning and the angels gave me one word and one word only.


That word was love.


At first I was a little bit overwhelmed at the idea of tackling such a large topic and attempting to put such a complicated emotion in to words.  One of the fundamental teachings that the Archangels have passed on to me is that love is not something that can be understood by the physical mind alone.  It is a matter only understood by the heart and therefore is not truly defined by words or chemical equations.  Scientists have spent years attempting to understand the scientific process of love and even how it is created within the body, but their understanding of what love really is falls drastically short.  For example, it is universally accepted that the hormone oxytocin is a critical component in the experience of love and no one will deny this is true.  However, if someone was to take a large amount of oxytocin in the form of medication it would not replicate the experience of falling in love, exactly at least.  


Another way of looking at this scenario is with individuals who are medicated for symptoms of depression.  Serotonin is a hormone that is typically found to be in lower levels in those who are clinically depressed and a common treatment for depression is to take medication that boosts serotonin in the body.  However, boosting serotonin does not actually make the person feel happier, all it does is make them less sad and there is a big difference between experiencing true happiness and just feeling less sad.  If you were to fall out of a tree and break your leg the doctors would most definitely prescribe morphine to help ease the pain, but the morphine does not actually heal the pain.  The leg is still broken, the only difference is you no longer experience the pain of it.


With that being said, where does that leave us with our understanding of love?  What I would suggest to those of you interested in this topic is to first consider expanding what you think love is currently.  Expand your understanding of what love is from just a mental process or even an emotional process and consider it as a force within nature.  Love is not just what you feel when you are attracted to another person.  


Love IS the attraction 


It is love that which pulls you towards another person, it can be compared in the same way that the moon directs the tides.  In order to fully understand this idea you have to put your logical scientific mind aside for a brief moment because it will get in the way of your ability to comprehend this.  Your logical mind wants to tell you that the moon directs the tides by way of its gravitational pull on the oceans and I am not suggesting that this is false.  I am only suggesting that there can be more than one way of explaining the phenomenon.  What the Archangels are proposing is simply the idea that in the same way love directs you towards another human being the moon directs the oceans of the Earth.  It is an act of love and a force of nature.  Love is what governs everything, everything that occurs in our physical reality.  It is a guiding force within our lives in ways that our logical minds can understand and in ways that it cannot.  We cannot chemically create true love anymore than we can halt the moon from directing the tides.  What we can do is call upon the force of love in our lives and allow it to help direct us, just as the moon does.  


If we call upon love to help direct us what we are literally doing is allowing loving energy to be a co-creator in our lives which means that our lives will suddenly become more wonderful and exciting.  This is one of the ways that the Archangels explain God to me, in metaphors such as the moon and the tides, the sun and the planets, all creating a system that is governed by the forces of love.  Love is a way of life, not just a collection of chemicals surging through the human body.  Those chemicals allow us to feel the physical sensations of love, but they are just the physical manifestations of a greater guiding power.  Remember, when you have an opportunity to practice love in your life, take it.  It can only bring you more love.


Until next time,


My unconditional love to you,




Is the World Changing?

This is a big question.


For some individuals the answer will be an easy yes or no, while others may sit in the shades of grey for a period of time.  They may weigh current events they have observed throughout the world in order to discover which way the balance of energy is tipping towards, and in truth this can provide a starting point from which to work with.  Before I share with you the Archangel’s perspective I will lay out the common foley that captivates humankind when making these kinds of observations.  That foley occurs when we trust the illusion of physical reality to tell us what we should be thinking and feeling, instead of the other way around.  It is not a new concept that physical reality is a mirror image of our internal world, and it is this fact that directs us towards the answer to this question. 


From Angelic perspective, each individual has their own version of reality and therefore has their own take on what is happening in the world right now.  The discussions I have with the Archangels do not revolve around whether the Earth is changing, specifically, but rather the number of people who are choosing to identify with a more positive way of being.  It is my knowing that more and more people are seeking love and wanting to share love.  They are rejecting negativity in their lives and instead choosing activities and relationships that bring them joy.  They are choosing to face their fears and heal old wounds that have been ignored for far too long.  


If what you are seeing is mostly negativity in your life than what you must ask yourself is not what is wrong with the world, but what is wrong with your way of thinking?  What kinds of beliefs are causing the world to reflect such negative images around you?  Like I have stated before, this is not a “fault finding task” and not meant to pull out things you should be ashamed of.  In fact, with the proper mindset, this can be a very liberating and empowering thing to do because you literally become the person who calls the shots and not the helpless individual who is at the mercy of circumstance.  


When you start to take this in to consideration you begin to change the question from an outward perspective to an inward perspective.  Once this has been done, the question becomes incredibly simple.  Is the world really changing?  No, not really.  What is changing is you, and that is all that really matters.  One of the best quotes I have ever heard on this topic sums this discussion up perfectly:


“The world does not need saving.  The world only needs to be loved”


Until next time,


My unconditional love to you.



Being Honest

Being Honest


It may be one of the most underrated traits that a person can exhibit, that being the ability to look someone in the eye and be completely honest about how they feel.  Truth be told, it is probably one of the toughest challenges, I myself, have faced in this life time.  I can remember back to when I was a small child in grade school and how I was scolded for telling the teacher I didn’t want to participate in an activity because I found it scary.  I was trying to be honest about how I felt and in return I was made to feel that it didn’t matter.  I should just be able to keep my mouth shut and get along like the other children.  Over the years, because of my high level of sensitivity, I learned two very damaging lessons:


Telling the truth would lead to hurting someone’s feeling or cause me to be on the “outside”.

My feelings weren’t valid and therefore shouldn’t be trusted.


The inability to be honest about how you feel is such a disservice to the human collective consciousness that it may be the biggest contributor to why we have become so disconnected to the divine.  A connection that is now being restored, albeit at a pace that may be uncomfortable to some.  The level of discomfort can be directly linked to a person’s difficulty with being honest and thus the cycle begins to appear in one’s life.  From Angelic perspective, there is no better way to distinguish what choices should be made in ones life, and connecting to this power is as simple as asking a question:


How do I really feel?


If you are like me or had similar experiences than you will see the one major road block in using this kind of logic.  That road block comes in the form of not being able to trust your own emotions and thus an inability to be honest with yourself first.  Not being able to be honest with yourself will ultimately cause you to make decisions that are in someone else’s best interest and not your own.  This is where many in the spiritual community begin to pull away from conventional wisdom which teaches us to be self-less and sacrificing of our own desires for the betterment of others.  Truly, there is no greater risk to one’s health, happiness, and well being.


Now this is where a line in the sand can be drawn and an argument can be made which will state: 


Sometimes you just have to keep your true feelings to yourself in order to keep from hurting someone else’s feelings.  


Let me be clear about the kind of honesty I am referring to:


Real, true, honesty comes from a place of love not from the desire to hurt.  


While it is completely possible that being honest with someone may cause them to feel distress, if you were to ask yourself why you are choosing to say what you are saying, you would most likely answer that it is out of love that you comment the way you do.  One thing that I will make clear in this writing is that there is a difference between what is known as “blunt honesty” and “true honesty”.  When a person responds in a blunt way it has more to do with the opinion and desires of the person giving the response where as true honesty is about empathy and love for the person who is receiving the response.  


What needs to be considered is actually rather simple when you break it down.  Take a look at your life and see if you can pinpoint an area where you have a tendency to hide how you really feel.  Perhaps it is in your relationships or your professional life that you struggle to openly talk about what you believe is important or how certain circumstances are affecting you.  If this is the case, then the angels would challenge you to ask yourself how would your life be different if you were 100% honest about your true feelings in that area you identified?  How would your life look, and perhaps more importantly, how would you want it to look? 


Until next time,


My unconditional love to you!



The New Year Channeling Session

On December 28th, 2013 I performed a small channeling session for a few dear friends and family members.  What is written below is a tie in piece to what was talked about during the channeling.  Enjoy, and remember that this coming year is one filled with excitement, change, and transformational energy.  


My unconditional love to you 🙂




It is at this time dear ones, that we wish to send you our deepest blessings and unconditional love as you transition in to this new energy you refer to as “the new year”.  Cosmically speaking, you have been moving in to this new energy for quite sometime and the rolling over of your earth calendar is not necessarily the exact starting point.  However, for the purpose of this message, it makes sense to speak in these terms.


Your year of 2013 was one of much unrest and many of you may have experienced emotions and situations that you may not have been ready for.  Of this, though, dear ones we can say with some certainty, that you were ready and more to the point, it was the right time.  From our perspective, we observed your past year as one of a great revealer of truth.  The truth that you became aware of is of a personal nature and each individual spirit is unique in discovering their truth.  Perhaps, you discovered that in this year that you need to surround yourself with different people.  Ones who better represent the kind of alignment you are trying to establish in your life.  We understand how difficult this can be from the human experience and we send you our support and guidance as you make this transition.


Perhaps, you discovered that your partner is not truly your soul mate and so it was time to move on from that individual.  We acknowledge just how painful this kind of process can be dear ones and have faith that every tear your shed in physical form is shared on the face of your guardians and love is being sent to you.  As your Earth saying goes, something will need to fall a part in order for something better to fall in to place.  With that being stated, we would like to give you the following message for the year to come. 


What we can say, with fair amounts of certainty, is that your year of 2014 is the time for action.  It is time to firmly root your intentions in to Gaia and release what ever fears you may have to God and those of our kind, the Archangels.  We will guide you and assist you, with given permission, and remind you that your desires are valid.  


Should you wish to find your true beloved, we will aid.

Should you wish to begin your new career of love and service, we will aid.

Should you wish to create a deeper connection to your true being, we will aid.


Now is the time for action, take the steps you feel are necessary to begin these changes dear ones and with proper intention you will see the fruits of that labour at a pace that will surprise.  


We send you our unconditional love and know that we are with you, always and forever.


The Archangel Collective