Connecting during the Holidays

Times are so busy these days, and it is rather ironic that the time of year that is meant to bring us closer together is usually spent far apart.  We spend time in shopping malls getting gifts for other people, we spend time at the office trying to finish off end of the year paper work, we slave away in the kitchen preparing food for a feast.  All of these things are done with the intention of freeing up time to spend with others, but how often have you done this only to find that when you finally sit down with your loved ones you are too tired to fully enjoy it?  Perhaps, you find yourself unable to talk about anything other than work or how “cut throat” it was finding a place to park at the mall?


This post is not meant to be another reminder of how disconnected the world has become though; in fact I want it to be the exact opposite.  The Archangel Collective would like to issue a challenge to whomever should read this post, and while it is very simple it is also very powerful. The challenge is this:


This holiday season, the Angels challenge you to pick someone you care about very deeply and have a moment where you connect with them on an extremely loving level.  Instead of buying this person a gift from the mall or giving them a card with a picture of your family surprise them at their house. Bring with you a cup of hot chocolate or perhaps a mug of coffee and simply ask them how their day is going, and when they respond simply be available to hear whatever it is they have to say.  Bring no judgement and give no advice, especially if they are feeling rather low.  Simply sit and listen. 


If what they have to say is a tale of sorrow, then thank them for having the courage to share with you how they are feeling.  If they share an uplifting story with you, thank them for sharing a story that made you smile.  When the visit is finished do not leave without giving this person a hug, even if doing so is out of character for you.  


This holiday season, give the gift of presence.  Give the gift of love and connection.


It is so common for people to experience a full range of emotions during this time of year and there is an immense need for human beings to connect with each other.  A physical gift can be an extremely powerful act as well, but in fairness to spirit, there is nothing more powerful than human connection.  


When you have the opportunity to share a moment with someone, regardless of how well you may know them, give a gift that does not require money, give your time.  


Above all, give your empathy, and your love.  


Love is free and love is freeing.


Until next time,


The Merriest of Christmas’s to you dear ones and my unconditional love.




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