For this week’s blog I thought I would get a bit personal and share some of my feelings and experiences with respect to the spiritual world.  This comes on the tail wind of my first public channeling event which took place on Sunday November 17th.  It just so happened to coincide with a full moon and our first snow fall here on the prairies of southern Manitoba, which nonetheless felt very special to me.  On this day, I chose to finally reveal a part of my true self to other people in a way that was risky, but also incredibly freeing.  It is not easy to hide such an important part of one’s self as I am sure you will understand, and I knew it was time to start pushing aside the curtain.

Time to drop my own walls (so to speak) and take up the trusty shield.

The usual problem that surfaces leading up to a major shift, or the desire to do so, is that we tend to compare ourselves to other people who may be doing similar things.  Perhaps, they have already been practicing for a long time and appear to have mastered the skills that you are just now starting to develop?  You may question whether or not you could ever live up to those kinds of expectations.  Perhaps, the audience you seek will not take what you do seriously in light of others who are already established in the trade and doing good work?

From personal experience, I found that I got many similar pep talks from those who believed in me as I’m sure many of you have as well.  They usually encourage us to embrace what makes us special as opposed to simply emulating what others are doing in your chosen field.  For me, this meant going with in to discover what was truly special about me and why I wanted to do this work in the first place.  It can be very easy in physical reality to lose one’s sense of connectedness to non-physical reality by way of the drama and the lures of egoic thinking.  It is actually within non-physical reality that we can truly discover who we really are and what our soul’s path actually looks like.  Many people will attempt to convince you that the answer lies in the external, but this will only lead to more drama and more temptation from the ego.

The truth is that “comparison” is born from the external world and not from within.

Comparison is the result of an individual perceiving something they believe does not exist within themselves.   For example, if you witness someone driving a very expensive car you may begin to think “Wow, that person must have a lot of money”.  You may then walk over to your car and notice that it is older than the expensive car you saw; you may even notice some rust that is showing on the fender.  You may then begin to compare your car to the one you saw driving earlier and feel a sense of frustration towards not having a nicer car, free of rust.  The issue does not actually lie in the kind of car you drive, but instead in the feelings of lack you experience.  You may feel distress because you want to drive that expensive car instead of the one you have.  It is possible that you will experience emotions such as envy, anger, and frustration, but none of this has anything to do with a car.

It has everything to do with your perspective.

When you stop comparing yourself to others you will be set free from this cycle and a wave of liberation will sweep over you.  You will no longer experience feelings such as lack, disappointment, and envy which ultimately lead to lower vibrational states.  The easiest way to get off this cycle is to first become aware of the thoughts you experience when you find yourself comparing.  Secondly, in that moment that you catch yourself, take stock of what you do have, what you are appreciative for.  Do not factor in whether it is better than what someone else has, just that you have it and are grateful that you do.  When you bring this in to practice what you will find is that you are less concerned about what other people have, or even better, you are happy for others who have the success they do.

Feeling happy for another person is a very powerful tool when beginning to use the laws of attraction in your life, so give it a try the next time you have the opportunity.

Until next time,

My Unconditional Love to You



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