The Tough Choices

Every day that you get up with the intention of living your life, you are bound to be confronted with choices; some may be easy while others may be incredibly hard.  You do not have to be spiritual to know this point, but there is an inherent spiritual aspect to making decisions if you choose to see it that way.  We also have a tendency to place certain amounts of importance on making certain decisions and this is for good reason.  For why would someone want to take leaving a spouse lightly?  It is obviously a difficult decision, is it not?

Human beings have a tendency to try and solve problems logically, choosing to manipulate the situation from a matter of the heart in to a mental exercise.  There is also the common argument that people like to point out which is “are you being realistic”?  As if being “realistic” was the most important factor to focus on when considering whether or not to leave a lover, quitting our current job to pursue a new path, or if it is the right time for a big move.

In fact, the word “realistic” gets thrown around so much that we should be asking ourselves if being “realistic” even works to our benefit?  Is it a legitimate concern to have or does it only serve to pull us away from our own personal truth?  It has been suggested in the spiritual community that being “realistic” is just another means of continuing to support an old paradigm.  This old paradigm strives to contain a person’s imagination and promote an environment of fear and lack.

Don’t you think that move would be too risky?

What if something goes wrong?

People may think you’re crazy!

I knew someone who tried that and it didn’t work for them.

Why would you do something that involves so much risk?

Isn’t that kind of a selfish?

Depending on the company you keep, these could be statements that you hear on a regular basis, or perhaps you yourself have these statements go through your own mind when you think about making change.  When we think these thoughts or hear other people say them to us it plants a very powerful seed in a person’s consciousness; one that might say something along the lines of:

It is wrong to want happiness.

I don’t deserve to have the life I want.

People who want to change must be selfish and I don’t want to be selfish.

Making a change is just too risky for someone like me.

I’m not smart enough…

I’m not strong enough…

I’m not ready…

I’m not worthy…

I’m not I’m not I’m not I’m not

And the dialogue goes on and on and on.

All the while, the angels are saying very different things to you, but their words fall on deaf ears because they are not invited to help you see differently.  Perhaps, it is time for a new way of looking at how we deal with tough choices.  Perhaps, it is time for a new perspective.

Archangelic perspective has the following to say:

Making any decision, no matter how agonizing it may seem to us, really only has one factor that matters.  That factor is whether acting on that choice brings you closer to your highest joy or not.  If acting on any opportunity brings you closer to the kind of joy you know you want to live then it is an opportunity worth chasing.

Case closed.

Another way of looking at this (depending how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go) is that all choices lead us to our highest joy eventually; it all depends on how fast you want to get there.  So what the angels are really saying is that there is no wrong choice, there is only a choice that will bring you a higher expression of joy in this moment as opposed to another.

Now, I know what the common argument to this is, and neither I or my guides are suggesting that you throw caution in to the wind and simply act compulsively to every situation that presents itself.  Quite the contrary actually.

What we are suggesting to you is this:

Instead of allowing your intellect to call all the shots, allow your heart a seat at the negotiation table.  Let it have an equal say in what decision gets made instead of the intellect having veto.

The physical mind cannot determine what will make a person happy, only the heart can do that and when we rely on the mind to make these kind of decisions we are always left unsatisfied.  This is because the mind is only designed to work out how a person will undertake a specific action, not how a person feels in this moment or another.  That job is delegated to the heart and the heart alone.

I could write a book on this topic alone, so I will end with this statement.  No decision you have ever made was in vain, regardless of how you or outside observers choose to judge it.  That being said, as you move forward through this life, understand that you can do things differently than you have in the past.  If you believe that you have a tendency to move in haste then allow your heart to have its opinion heard, and perhaps it will tell you to slow down.  If you believe that your life is stagnate and lifeless, then allow your heart to tell you what would make you happier.

This I know for sure, that your heart does not have the capacity to lie to you.  It was not designed to so.  It was designed to lead you to your truth, and the choices associated with that journey are only as tough as you make it.

Until next time,

My Unconditional Love to You



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