Meeting Your Angel Guides

I had the distinct honour of working with a young woman who had a rather special story to share with me during a card reading, not too long ago.  She described an event that took place while on a trip out west in to the solitude of the mountains for some much needed R and R.  While enjoying a relaxing soak in a neighbouring hot spring she was joined by an older woman who quickly started small talk.  After the normal banter about where they were from and what they did for a living the conversation shifted in a direction my client didn’t expect.  The elderly woman mentioned that she had been in a life long battle with the disease known as Lupus, which took my client by complete surprise because she herself had been battling the exact same condition for most of her young life.


They continued the dialogue for a while and before the elderly woman decided to leave the warmth of the hot spring she shared two final statements.  The first was a question, asking if she carried a bible with her, to which my client responded “no”.  The elderly woman made a quick remark saying that it “didn’t matter what faith she was, it’s all Jesus sweetie, so it’s all good”, which made my client laugh and feel at ease.  It seemed that this woman had an uncanny ability to make her feel at ease, no matter what topic was being discussed.  The second statement made my client pause for thought and reflection, because what the woman said next was very simple yet very profound.  


She said, “I just know we were destined to meet”.


After that, she stepped out of the hot spring, dried herself off, and was not seen again the entire trip.


To anyone else, this may not have seemed as profound as it did, but in a previous reading I had done for her I told her that she would be meeting someone very special on her upcoming trip. Only, when I had delivered the message I had seen her meeting a male, not a female, and therefore no dots were connected, at least not right away.  It took a few minutes, but we had our answer as to why I saw it the way I did as well as just how profound this meeting actually was.  


But first, a bit of background information.


As with most readings I give, the client’s guardian angel or angels usually show up first, flanked on either side.  Typically, they just want their presence to be acknowledged, but on occasion they want me to tell the client that they are there and how much they love them.  This client’s guardian angel was standing to her left side and was a very beautiful being covered in a veil of baby blue.  At first the guardian had no message to deliver, but I could tell that this was not the usual guardian angel I’ve seen before.  


The very last card that came up during her reading was that of Archangel Zadkiel who is the divine comforter and on the card was the exact same baby blue veiled being I had seen earlier.  At once, it all made sense, and Archangel Zadkiel (who I had mistaken as her guardian angel) reappeared with only one message to deliver:


“I was the one you met.  I was the elderly woman.”


When I see the Archangels the vast majority of them present themselves to me as male in appearance though many Archangels have appeared as both sexes throughout history.  Perhaps, the most famous of these interpretations is that of Archangel Gabriel who is also famously known as Archangel Gabrielle in some circles.  Truthfully, all angels are devoid of gender and can appear in whatever form they choose.  Very simply, the reason I saw my client meeting a male on the train is because my filter seems to be predisposed to see most Archangels as male.  This is most likely because, I myself, am a man.  Doreen Virtue, who is one of the foremost Angel Readers of our day, has made reference in her books to Archangel Jophiel as appearing to her as male, however when Archangel Jophiel appears to me I see a more female image.  It is important to note that both are completely valid.     


My client had met and interacted with Archangel Zadkiel on that day and this information connected her to a divine presence that will last forever.  If I have learned one thing about the angelic realm over the course of this work, it is that angels are incredibly crafty and will manifest themselves in the most unexpected of ways.  They are masters of timing and you will not know it is they who you were conversing with until they have already left.  However, the real trick is remembering that they never really leave. 


For those of you wondering if you have ever met your guardian angels or Archangels the answer is irrefutably yes.  However, my angel guides like to remind me that what is really important is not whether you met them face to face, but that are you are developing a personal relationship with them.  If you are developing a relationship with them, then how?  Some people use prayer while others choose to journal, and some simply have conversations with them as if they were standing right in front of them.  Really, it doesn’t matter how you do it because all that matters is that you are doing it.  And that is good enough for an angel.  


Until next time, 

Practice Love Everyday 



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