The Shield vs The Wall

Very recently, I was conducting a card reading session with a client and the topic of energy protection came up, which paved the way for an interesting discussion between the client and the Archangels.  

It was surrounding the idea of a shield versus a wall.

First, a bit of history with respect to this topic.

There is a lot of debate around the idea of psychic vampirism and the need to protect oneself from these individuals.  In essence, a psychic vampire is an individual who typically lives their life from a very negative perspective and thus has cut themselves off from the free flowing source of energy provided by the infinite.  Therefore, in order to feel energized and “alive”, so to speak, they must “take” the energy of other people.  Notice how I put the words alive and take in quotations as there are those who are challenging these concepts.  In the mean time, if you want more information on this kind of exchange I would recommend watching the following video:

Getting back to the discussion at hand…

The client in question was a very wonderful woman who is currently pursuing her spiritual path and noticed how I tended to use the words shield and wall with respect to protecting oneself.  However, she was rather quick to pick up on how one word seemed to have a more positive tone while the other didn’t seem to be as desirable.  The Archangels were very clear about this distinction and while I will admit that the jury is still out on this debate I feel that it is a great debate to have nonetheless.  Please keep in mind this is only one perspective and you are invited to decide what these terms mean to you and the emotions you feel.

Quite simply, the idea of a spiritual shield is a metaphor for our active protection against those who may be choosing the so called “negative path”.  Put another way, it allows those who are sensitive or vulnerable to the vibrations of others to go out in to the world and function at their highest level possible.  It is also important to clarify that all souls are sensitive to these vibrations, some being more sensitive than others.  The degree to which someone is sensitive to the emotions of others is a very important thing to know about oneself as it can provide insight to all matters of a person’s life.  One of the ways that I was able to get in touch with my angel guides was through my emotional sensitivity, but that was not without years and years of pain and sadness.  I had no idea why I could sense the distress of others let alone have the ability to shield myself from their hurt.  I had not yet developed a proper spiritual shield, but when I did, it was probably one of the most important moments of my life because I finally took control of the emotions I was experiencing.  However, before developing my shield I had to first take down my wall.

The best way to differentiate between a shield and wall is by the nature of their creation and what they are used for.  As mentioned above, the shield is a creation of love and a knowing that you are worthy of the protection of loving entities such as Archangels.  The shield reminds you that you are in control and no being (human or spirit) is capable of taking your energy, your essence, or your will if you do not want it so.  With that being said, do not forget this one important point, which is the shield is YOUR creation and thus you must take that leap of faith.

In contrast, the wall could be described as the shield’s opposite in almost every category except one; which is it’s desire to protect.  This desire to protect, however, comes not from a place of love, but from a place of fear.  This fear is a deep seeded belief that the world one engages in is out to hurt, neglect, and otherwise bully the individual around and the only way to avoid this is by building a wall around that individual.  In some cases, that wall is so big and so impenetrable that the individual ends up pushing away any person who would even consider loving them.  We have all met these people, and in some cases we have been hurt by their unwillingness to let us in, to love them, and to show them we care. 

If you think back throughout your life you will no doubt remember times when you literally can see a person’s wall start to rise up when moments of vulnerability expose their true feelings.  You may remember the crushing agony you felt as a tender moment with a loved one, that would have otherwise been shared between the two of you, was abruptly halted in its tracks because the wall went up.  The loving connection was severed by an old enemy who disguises themselves as a close and dear friend.  Your fear, your pain, and your desire to self-preserve.  

The difference between a shield and wall could be put as simply as this:

The shield protects and allows you to make meaningful, loving, and safe relationships with those who are ready to co-create loving experiences with you.  These relationships are flexible, have agreed upon boundaries and are inherently resilient to the tests of time.  They showcase the strength of each individual while at the same time work to love and heal any pain that may linger.  The shield is an energetic manifestation of your strength, creativity and unconditional divine love.

The wall acts as a fortress, keeping out any person who may pose a risk of causing pain to the individual, and in most cases, it is impossible to differentiate between those who are harmful and those who are beneficial.  The wall keeps loving connections from fully forming between two people because of the person’s fear of being taken advantage of.  These walls are usually formed over the culmination of many years of trauma, or can be instantly formed after one, very serious, negative event occurs (ie. The death of a young child).

Regardless of what your reasoning is for having energetic protection you must ask yourself the question, what does having this protection allow me to do?  As you might have already guessed, those who are utilizing the shield will be able to answer that question in any number of positive ways such as:

“It allows me to help others who are dealing with difficult issues”  

“I can work a crisis phone line without succumbing to sadness myself”

“It helps me listen to my intuition with more clarity”

“I feel less afraid to put myself out there”

Where as those who are utilizing the wall may respond in a more negative or self-preserving manner such as: “It keeps me from getting hurt again” or “It helps me to forget painful memories”.  Comparing these two kinds of statements could be a blog post completely in and of itself, so I’ll save that for another day.  The important thing to take away from this is that the shield helps you to engage while the wall keeps you hidden.  

The terms negative and positive can easily be misconstrued and all I wish to convey when using these words is that there is a stark difference between those who enact these protective measures.  It goes beyond good and bad, just different actions that will lead to different results.  Which results are you looking for in your life?

If you have questions either about developing your shield or taking down your walls feel free to contact us at


Until next time, 

Practice Love Everyday 




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