Growth & Feelings of Shame

As a therapist, I get to witness very frequently what emotions such as guilt, shame, and self-loathing do to people. I get hear their stories about past regrets and situations they wish could have been different all the time, and I am usually left reflecting on my own life. The decisions I’ve made and the consequences I’ve had to live with. It is in these moments that we get the choice of how we will view and feel about ourselves, and what I know to be true in my own life, is that we can be very harsh critics. We seem to have a tendency of looking ourselves in the mirror and judging so drastically that we convince our minds that we are bad people.

How could I have been so stupid?

Why didn’t I see it coming?

Why wouldn’t I listen to anyone?

What I have observed, more often than not, is that we seem to value being hard on ourselves. Maybe because it shows others that we won’t let ourselves get off the hook or that we are not arrogant or selfish. There seems to be a socially accepted norm around loathing ourselves, at least until it begins to impact the experience of others. Some of the best stand up comics will perform an entire set poking fun at themselves to the point of presenting themselves as someone who cannot do anything right. Of course, we laugh and admire at their ability to “laugh at themselves”, which can be an important skill, but what happens when it is taken too far? What if our guilt or self-loathing becomes feelings of shame? Emotions that begin to influence our behaviour in ways that don’t make us happy? This is the shadow side of laughing at ourselves and the guilty feelings we experience when we realize we’ve done something to hurt oneself or another. Instead of focusing on what we have to learn from the experience we become hyper focused on what we’ve done and attach judgement to ourselves.

From the perspective of spirit it is important to remember that there is no judgement of who you are as a unique soul. Instead, what is focused on is what you chose to do after having the experience.

How did you change your life because of it?

Do you seek more love or try harder to avoid fear?

Are you making different choices than before?

What are you letting in to your life and what are you keeping out?

The growth is what matters, not what label you attach to yourself. In truth, many of us will set up specific life events pre-incarnation in order to answer these questions. In many cases it is not about what you did, but how you grew from the experience, and are you willing to make positive change moving forward? “Positive” being a relative term since you can be the only one who decides what is helpful vs. unhelpful in your life. When we focus on attaching a judgement to ourselves we are also simultaneously choosing to ignore the opportunity for growth that is being presented to us. Something Archangel Gabriel told me once was “there is no room for growth if we are focused on condemning who we are”, and I’ve needed reminding of that from time to time. If we choose to focus on growth then it is practically like choosing to be more like the ascended masters we all look up to. Consider this for a moment: Since masters like Jesus, the Buddha, or Mohammad were all human at one point, are we really going to believe that they never had bad days? Never made a choice that they had the opportunity to feel bad about? They are definitely wonderful benevolent beings, but physical incarnation literally means we are going to experience some difficult choices.

A belief that I have chosen to adopt is that they did not so much behave perfectly as they chose to focus on growing from each experience to the fullest extent they could. In doing so, they guaranteed that when faced with the same decision again they would know what they prefer to have happen instead of what simply “has happened in the past”. Kind of gives a new spin on the catch phrase “what would Jesus do” 🙂

Something I would encourage each and every one of you to consider is when you have the opportunity to be hard on yourself try loving yourself instead. If you catch yourself saying something negative about your life, your situation, your body, your job, instead try to say something nice. If you are being faced with a very emotionally challenging situation then try to focus on how you can grow as a soul as opposed to how trying life is.

Difficult, I know… But so very very worth it!

The angels don’t like making many guarantees because that’s not really their thing, but if it were, they would most likely guarantee that if you do this your life will improve, even slightly. Besides, I’m hard pressed to think of a situation that is hindered by a little bit of compassionate love 🙂

Unitl next time, I love you all!!


The Ocean (A Parable)

I recently took a trip to the sunshine state of California alongside my wife with the intention of getting some much needed rest and relaxation from our everyday lives. Outside of my spiritual life I find myself constantly surrounded by the regular issues we all face such as workplace stress, balancing budgets, and taking our dogs for their trips to the vet. It takes it’s toll over time and we felt if was a great opportunity to get away. While out exploring one afternoon we ended up at one of the local beaches and I couldn’t help the urge to put my feet in warm Pacific waters. As soon as the blue water touched my feet I was instantly taken over by several profound realizations about the ocean and how deeply connected we are to it spiritually. The ocean has many things to teach us and there has been countless poems, songs, and stories written about it relating all that it has to offer.

In this particular moment though I felt instantly aware of a story the ocean was trying to tell me, so I breathed in deep, and did my best to listen:

Long ago, the ocean was an artist. The ocean spent all the time it could creating canvases of brilliant scenes and landscapes, never quite satisfied with a finished product and constantly choosing to start over and over again. Attempting perfection with every creation had a great toll on the ocean though and the children began to grow weary of waiting endlessly for the ocean to create it’s final masterpiece. A masterpiece in which they could all finally live and call home, together as a family. 

One day, after discarding it’s latest work in a fit of frustration and sadness, the ocean decided to converse with the only being it believed would be able to understand what it was ultimately trying to accomplish. The ocean knew that the only being of equal creating power to itself was the sky and one afternoon the ocean opened itself up and explained it’s situation with a heavy heart.

Sky, I have laboured long and desperately to create a home for my children. One that is perfect and without flaw, one in which we can all live together and provide the children with opportunities to become creators themselves. I have dreamed this dream for so long that I feel it is but mere steps away from completion, but every time I believe I have finished it I find a flaw. I know that my children will be left unsatisfied and therefore I must start over. I see how you have a created such a beautiful home for your children, the clouds and stars always seem so happy, so content. Please, tell me the secret that I am unaware of. Tell me the secret of perfect creation.

The sky considered the ocean’s request for a moment and then spoke lovingly what he knew to be true. 

“Sweet ocean, what makes you believe that I have ever created something so perfect that I deem my work to be done? I am an artist just as you are, dear ocean, therefore I believe my work is never done. The service I provide to my children, the stars and clouds, is the same as what you do for your children. The only difference between you and I, sweet friend, is that I find peace in knowing the process of creation is never finished, while you seem unsatisfied feeling that your job is never done. Tell me my friend, do you not enjoy creating homes for your children? Do you not see how the service you provide for them creates love and joy in their lives? Why would you ever want that to end? You are an artist dear ocean, embrace what you know as your creations and let your children settle where they please. Join me in finding happiness knowing our work is never done and our service to our children will never be truly finished.”.

All at once, the ocean understood and wept with joy as he realized how lonely he would be if suddenly he could never create for his children again. All at once, the ocean understood the gift he had been given and desired more strongly than ever to be at peace with his children. The ocean saw for the first time that his children would always need new homes and embraced this as her strongest passion. And so the ocean still creates homes for her children and embraces the journey she is on, finding happiness in the creating process as opposed to finding its end.

The ocean spoke this to me as I watched the waves crash in to the shoreline and leave behind beautiful pictures as the water receded. It reminds me that we are all creators and that we can find peace in embracing the journey as opposed to finding it’s end.

Until next time, I love you all



Finding a Light in a Dark Room

If you’re like me, you work very diligently at turning your focus to things that inspire rather than conspire, and discuss topics that uplift as opposed to weigh down. However, in our world that is in the midst of a spiritual awakening, focusing on thoughts and actions that leave you feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside can be a tall order. It is true that out of our darkest moments, as a collective, we will give rise to the most amazing civilization that planet Earth has ever seen. Greater than Lemuria, greater than Ancient Egypt, and even greater than the Atlantians. Yes my dear friends, it is possible that we as a society can claim our birth right to stand next to these amazing civilizations, not only as equals, but with the task of picking up where they left off. This would be the tallest of tall orders.

With all that being said, it is easy to read the above paragraph and skip immediately from the sentence about the dark stuff right down to where we gain supernatural powers and technologies that free us completely. Our minds instinctively move immediately from the things that scare us to the things that give us hope. “Bless your souls, dear humans” is what the Archangels and Tobel say to me when I find myself glancing over the aspects of my life that I am not fond of, or parts of society that I wish would go away. But as the great teachers remind us over and over again, “That what you resist will persist”….

So what is the answer then? If I am to put my attention towards the darkness, won’t that bring more dark in to my life? I want to have more love and light, not darkness!

I would echo your sentiments exactly, and perhaps the answer lies somewhere in middle as opposed to the extremes (as it usually does). If I were to take the example of the office lunch room, and all the discussions and gabbing that takes place there, we could potentially describe the perfect setting where we find ourselves challenged to stay in the light. Sally discussing with Tim about Brenda and Jonathan quietly murmuring to Jackie about Nathan. Fred is over at the lunch tables speaking with Stephanie about the latest atrocity that occurred with upper management while Michelle is still reeling from the most recent news story she saw last night describing death, destruction, and animosity in regions close and abroad. Then, somewhere in the room, perhaps close by, is you. In this moment you are faced with a challenge:

Do I join in and provide my 2 cents worth of opinion about Brenda, Nathan, or upper management? Do I keep my mouth shut and pretend like the only two things in this world are me and my sandwich? Is there an option “C” that I am, as of right now, unaware of?

I’m not sure that any one person could or should tell you specifically what you should or shouldn’t do except for your own higher self. Really, if we were to look at this from a spiritual perspective, I’m quite confident that the Buddha or Jesus would just say “how on Earth should I know what you’re supposed to do?”. Becoming more spiritual is all about getting in touch with your own inner wisdom and thus not needing anyone to tell you what to do except for your own divine truth. However, when faced with difficult decisions I always find it helpful to consider a metaphor, especially when my vibrational frequency is at stake.

Consider for a moment a candle sitting alone in a dark room. It would make sense to focus our attention on the candle since it is the only thing that is producing light, but what if we are missing the bigger picture? Do we define the light as just the absence of dark? It would be akin to the idea of defining health as just the absence of illness, but I feel we’ve grown enough in this field to know it is not that simple…

If we are going to follow along that line of thinking then why don’t we consider the metaphor from a different angle. Consider now, that you are the candle and therefore are the thing we are trying to define and describe. Would you want to be defined by a single aspect or characteristic, or would you want a broad range of concepts, ideas, and perspectives to define you? Let us then say that the candle requires the dark in order to be seen. They are equals and thus need to be evaluated as such. There can be space for both if we allow it to be so and it only matters what we wish to experience more of.

So, to get back to our original scenario, we could say that joining in with the debate and gossip is just as valid as remaining in solitude with your sandwich. Maybe you’ll feel better throwing in your perspective instead of remaining silent, but then again, perhaps you won’t. Maybe it’s an effort in futility to debate with them and you’ll just feel gross the rest of the day. The decision is yours. If this dialogue strikes a chord with you then maybe I’ll share this one piece of advice that Tobel shared with me.

If you’re shopping for candles then you should probably find the section where they stock candles. Doing anything else would be silly.

What I took this to mean was as follows:

If you want more light in your life then look for it, search for it, desire it, yearn for it, and when all else fails, try starting a fire. Things seem to be attracted to light and I’m sure like minded people will find you.

We are destined for greatness, of that, I am sure. How long it takes us to get there is really the question we are all asking. Instead of asking how long the journey will be, maybe we could focus more intently on making one small choice at a time and seeing it as adding to the collective effort to get there.

Until next time, we love you all 🙂


Doing Yourself a Favour

Tobel picks some of the weirdest times to inspire me. I use the word inspire because I rarely have the experience of any of my guides physically speaking to me. Rather, I suddenly find myself compelled to write about a topic or noticing my attention moving towards a specific memory. I know that this is one of my guides prompting me to do this because it lines up with a particular sign. These will include a familiar number sequence or perhaps a specific song will come on the radio. Other times I’ll look up at the sky and notice the moon is showing itself just over head, which is probably one of the most common signs I receive.

In this case, however, I was sitting in the Victoria airport terminal awaiting my 12 o’clock flight to Vancouver when suddenly I was inspired to write. There was nothing overtly special about the moment, no fancy number sequence, no moon over head. Instead, just 4 simple words that rattled off in my head. Those 4 words happened to be “do yourself a favour”. I had to take a moment and ponder what the intention of those 4 words was actually meant to direct me towards writing about and then suddenly it hit me. This message was for me. Suddenly it made sense.

Let me explain.

With the coming new year I have been asked by several people to provide insight about the coming new energy from the Archangel’s perspective and the perspective of Tobel. The answer that has been given by them is that 2015 will be the year of Truth. More specifically it will be the year of Truth revealing itself, which in some cases, may sound like a daunting omen. We as human beings seem to have a natural aversion to hearing the truth. Typically because the Truth that is shared with us has traditionally been that of a negative nature. For example:

The economy is failing

The food supply is being poisoned 

Sweet-heart, you’re very noisy when you eat* 

*My wife contributed that Truth to me

These questions got me thinking about my own feelings about the new year and what possible changes could be coming for humanity. Anyone who knows me and the beings I channel will tell you that we would never deliver a transmission that inspires fear in any person brave enough to hear the message. Fear only creates more fear. However, what happens when the Truth that is being revealed is something that truly is frightening? What then?

First of all, let me put your mind at ease. There have been NO messages I have received that indicate that you should run for the hills. Nothing indicating that the dollar is going to collapse or a threatening alien invasion is on the way. Not one. Phew.

However, we still have this Truth thing to mull over in our heads for 2015. Personally, I had a small realization that crept through me as I read other initiative’s articles and watched video interviews with those in the know. The truth that crashed in to me was that on some level I AM scared. Just a bit anyways. I do have some fears regarding aspects of human life that I know very little about. I do not understand Wall Street and I definitely do not follow politics let alone understand it. Therefore, how could I possibly know what is happening to these institutions during this time of expanded consciousness? I suppose this is where Tobel comes in and the messages he has sent me during my moments of quiet.

Do yourself a favour and pay them no attention.    

Dear Sweet Human Beings,

Be aware, but pay them no attention. You are setting the stage for who you will become. Choose wisely the path that is best suited for you and know that there will be support granted to all those who ask for it. Regardless of the timeline you choose to experience we, and other beings of service, will surround you and do that which we are trained to do. We will serve and we will love. There is nothing to fear if you choose love and remember just how very loved you are. Do yourself a favour and turn off your news. When you feel as if you are being swept by fears reach out to someone you care about and tell them you love them. Remind yourself why you are here on Earth and what beautiful things surround you. Do yourself a favour and pause before you react to those situations and individuals that anger you. In that in “between moment” consciously choose a reaction that supports love. Do yourself a favour and remind yourself everyday how loved human beings are. Do yourself a favour and remember home.

I am Tobel, lover of Humanity

We are going to be okay. Whatever truths are left to be revealed to us, individually and collectively, we will be okay.

I love you all 🙂


Introductions Are In Order…

The New Kid on the Block

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the new being that I have begun channelling.  My guides, the Archangels, have been preparing me for his moment for quite some time and it was during my recent trip out West that his debut was finally made.  While an angelic being he may be, he is not an Archangel specifically, but someone who works very closely with the realm of Archangels, assisting other spirits as they make their way towards growth and evolution.  Something that the Archangels have mentioned numerous times is that they refer to me as “Tobin”, why they do this has not always been clear, however I feel that the answer is now apparent by way of this new entities name being revealed to me.  His name is “Tobel” and I am extension of his energy.

So, with out way further interruption, I give you the channeled writing of Tobel.


It is with love and appreciation that I interact with you now, in this time, that you perceive it to be.  Introductions, though in good order, are clumsy for those of my vibration because it feels as if I have known you forever, and in some cases, this is very true.  That, notwithstanding, should not detract from the fact that it is truly wonderful to bring this dialogue forward in to your field of consciousness, to share the work with you that I have faired over generation and generation.  I, Tobel, speak to you on behalf of many beings who watch over you and love you dearly with all our hearts.  We see you now, in this time of transition, and stare in awe of your transformation, we share in your victory as you cross the threshold of higher vibration and rejoice in your remembrance.  The remembrance of who you really are, an infinite, creative, loving master of all energy and all time.

It may be difficult to accept this truth at times.  Physical reality is not something taken on by the weak spirited or those not ready for expedited growth, because you are here, because you have incarnated in this particular now moment, it means that you are worthy.  You are a master, a very skilled, very thoughtful master of space and time.  I, myself, have known what it is like to face the self-imposed obstacles of physical reality, but not in the way a human being has, not to the level of amnesia you subject yourself to and for that I bow to you.  Where I come from will be revealed slowly, and given to you when appropriate, but for now, I simply wish to extend my applause and gracious congratulations for exemplifying the bravery you clearly have.  

Be loving, be kind to one another.  Above all, have patience with one another.  You are all on this journey together, but running at different speeds.  All paths are valid, all paths are just.  Align yourself with the path that resonates deepest within you and know that support will be there.  I will be there.

With love and appreciation for this moment,


Actually Helping People

We live in a helping culture, there is no doubt of this, especially if you check out the self-help section of any book store or review the list of inspirational speakers who may be touring through your town.  Since I am an optimist, I would say that the majority of the people who put out this kind of material are genuinely in tune with the vibration of service and giving back.  If that author or speaker makes enough money that they can continue their work full time, or simply provide just enough to put food on the table, then that is good enough.  It’s about the service and not necessarily all about the money.


I myself have been involved in a helping field for the better part of ten years and have pursued education that will allow me to continue that work full time.  I have no delusions towards the concept of making money for helping people and I understand that it is important to value the services you provide.  However, something that the Archangels (Michael specifically) has helped me with understanding is that it is more about why you are providing the service than what the service is.  In order to investigate the “Why” on a deeper level I chose to approach it from the perspective of “how do we actually help another person?”.  There are a plethora of metaphors that exist, both in spiritual circles as well as the non-spiritual world, that are used to help explain the process of healing.  Some are contradictory while others are complimentary of each other. 


For example, the idea of “putting on your own mask before assisting another” and “fill your own cup” could be considered complimentary, while at the same time they could be contradictory to the notions of “everyone needs a teacher” and “always ask for help when you need it”.  


What is right and what isn’t?


I feel that most individuals would be able to agree that both philosophies have their merit and are helpful in their own way for the right people.  Some individuals are in need of believing that there are people out there who really do care about them, while others need to develop their own abilities to survive and flourish despite the challenges they face.  However, for those of us in the helping professions, and more specifically those who work with people on a spiritual or psychological level, how do these philosophies lead to transformation?  


How do we actually help people?  I’ll fill you in on the Archangel perspective, and while it is only a single perspective, I know that you will like it:


Understand dear one, that you are not the one that changes another person, only that person can do anything that will bring about change in their respective physical reality.  However, with that being said, the helper does have a key role to play in the healing of another person, and that role is to act as both a space opener and an example of what is possible.  First, you must see yourself as the facilitator of an open creative space in which individuals can feel free to enter in to and safe to share what it is that they are experiencing.  This space must be filled with large volumes of love and supported structurally by strong pillars made of non-judgement.  This space will feel refreshing and airy, but most of all it will feel inspiring, as if every one of their wonderful dream can be attained by simply walking in and sharing their inner most desires.  At first, it may seem impossible to feel that free, that open, and that safe, but over time the helper will continue to develop the space with the appropriate frequency that makes it just right for the soul in need of sanctuary.  This frequency harbours exactly the kind of emotions necessary for reintegration with true passion and the love of the infinite, all knowing source.


Secondly, the helper must not only display, but radiate the kind of high frequencies that are possible when growth and love combine within someone.  This is not to say that the helper must be smarter, or stronger than the one seeking help, but simply that they have an understanding of what it feels like to be at peace.  A basic belief that returning to joy is possible, and truly, your divine right as a being in creation.  By shining your own light, dear one, you show that transformation is less about achieving and more about feeling.  While the journey towards enlightenment, or whatever word you like best, is never truly finished, the helper has the ability to channel their own light so that the helped may bask in it, acting as a reminder of what is already waiting for them.  What is rightfully there’s and how close it actually is, if only they are willing to believe it for themselves.  This belief will become a knowing and the knowing will ignite the flame of self-love with them, healing any wound that physically reality can co-create.  


We are the Archangels, lovers of the human soul, and we will stay with you always and forever.


We are all helpers, but we are also those who will need help from time to time, embrace this aspect of yourself and never be afraid to shine your light.  Just as we are all masters and students at the same time remember that the journey never ends and you are part of something so immensely wonderful that words will never be enough to describe.


Until next time,

My unconditional love to you all.


The Self in all Things

“The purpose of things in life is not for you to love them, but to love the Self in all things”


– The Upanishads


One of the key spiritual concepts that exists all over the world is loving the world in its entirety, which (depending on the day) may seem like an effortless task or an impossible feat.  In my last blog entry I spoke about the death of my grandfather and how it brought a wave emotional turmoil over me.  I had never been very close with him and I would be lying if I denied experiencing anger towards the man over my life.  In fact, one of my greatest challenges with becoming more spiritual, and connecting with the Archangels, has been in the category of forgiveness, which Sandy (my grandfather) was supposed to help teach me.  The difficult truth is, we don’t learn forgiveness from those who are nice to us, we learn it from those who trespass against us, who hurt us, who ignore, cheat, steal, and lie to us.  We come to learn forgiveness only after we have identified how carrying the baggage of anger and pain hold us back from having the kind of life we really want to live.  A life that is filled with joy and happiness, free of all the low vibrational frequencies that tag along with painful memories.          


The quote you see above is a teaching of Krishna from Upanishads which is a very sacred text of the Hindu religion.  When I read it, I suddenly found myself viewing my relationship with Sandy in a very different way and I was finally able to see the view from the mountain top as opposed to the view from the valley.  The truth is that I was deeply disappointed and hurt by the lack of relationship with my grandfather; I felt forgotten and not important.  I was angry with him and expressed that anger on a regular basis, angry at the way he treated my mother, my father, the favouritism, the perceived lack of empathy.  Most of all, I was angry at being denied a relationship with the only grandfather I had ever known.  I could not bring myself to feel love for this man, and for that, I was angry at myself.  Someone once told me that “what makes me special is that I love loving”, I was angry at myself because I couldn’t feel love for him.


The quote from the Upanishads is enlightening for me because it revealed a hidden truth about those who we quarrel with, fight with, disagree with, or engage in any form of low vibrational frequency with.  It showed me that it is not about loving someone in spite of the upsetting behaviour they may engage in, but instead loving them because their is a piece of the infinite in them.  


Therefore, there is a piece of you in that person.


Love the Self in all things, for it is that kind of love that is healing and free of all judgements.  It is free of judgement because you cannot truly judge the infinite without judging yourself.  Try saying that ten times fast 🙂


What I am really trying to say is this:

My grandfather, even though he was unable to express it, loved me very deeply and meant no harm by the way he chose to experience physical reality.  His choices may not have appeared to be beneficial for me, but the lessons he had to teach me were not of a direct nature.  They were subtle and meant to be indirect, they were to be revealed when I was ready and able to receive them in their full capacity.  They were not the easy lessons nor were they fun, but what they did turn out to be was incredibly profound and relieving.  The fact that he existed in my physical reality was a gift, perhaps not a gift by our traditional definition, but through spiritual eyes, there is no gift more powerful.  


Love the Self that resides within the person or people who do not treat you the way you want them do.  Honour the fact that they signed up to teach you the hardest lessons as opposed to letting someone else do it.  They cared and loved you to such an extent that they chose to uphold that responsibility, take on that karma, and push you to new levels of evolution and expansion you didn’t think possible.  The ones who abuse and mistreat you are quite possibly (from a spiritual perspective) the ones who love you the very most.  


Let that sink in for a moment a take a deep breath.   


It is normal to feel angry with those who have hurt you, and it is sometimes expected that you could experience the frequency of hate.  However, at some point you will have a decision to make with respect to how you carry on in your life.  Will you choose to hold on to that low vibrational frequency and let it dictate how you experience physical reality, or will you choose to love the Self that resides in all things and be at peace with the divine love that exists for you?


I’m not saying that it is easy or even that it happens quickly because I can personally attest that it is neither.  However, with the help of my grandfather, the angels, my wonderful wife, my family and all those around me (both physically and non-physically) it is getting easier.  


Until next time,


My absolute unconditional love to you all!



Going Home

I’ve taken a small break from writing recently to focus my attention on finishing my graduate degree, which for those who have under taken such a task, I’m sure, will empathize.  That being said, while the writing has slowed down the spiritual work has not and I feel more lucid with my communications with the Archangels than ever before.  What started as a routine vacation away from the daily grind of 3 dimensional life has turned in to a full on spiritual awakening in its own rite.  In order to understand what I mean I’ll have to provide you with some background information first.


About 1 week ago my grandfather fell ill and was rushed to the hospital on the west coast of Canada where he has lived for the majority of his life.  His illness timed itself well, in the sense that a good majority of my family would be on the west coast around the same time and we would be able to visit him.  However, the prognosis was not good and our visits turned in to saying goodbye and making peace.  Since I did not have a strong relationship with the man, and he had not shown a great interest in having a relationship with me, I fell more in to the later category.   My attention turned to being present for my mother who was now losing her father and the benefits of having a son who talks to angels was definitely appreciated at this time.  On Friday April 4th at approximately 10am Brian “Sandy” Pearson, my grandpa, left the physical plane to meet with his guides and begin anew.


At first I didn’t suspect I would have any communication with my guides with respect to my grandfather’s transition to the world of light, but I was happily mistaken.  They shared in detail what his transition was like up until he had completed what they refer to as “The Review” and only after that did the messages cease.  It was a great comfort to my mother and I was blessed to be able to share it with her.  It also provided a small window of opportunity where I could speak with my grandfather while in a meditative state and be honest with him, which was a luxury I never took advantage of while he was here in physical form.  The details of that conversation will stay between myself and my grandfather, but suffice it to say, it moved me deeply.  The fear of death is something that afflicts the human race very strongly and I would count my grandfather as one of those who resisted death until he could resist it no more.  In the end, his transition was beautiful and the next great journey for him will begin just as it does for all of us.  


The end becomes the new beginning, it is the nature of souled being, and it is beautiful.


The Archangel Collective speaks of the transition process in a manner that feels more like going home.  Like waking from a dream, you feel a sense of euphoria knowing that you are once again in the light of the divine and unconditional love.  More than anything, what I have learned from my grandfather’s passing is just how much there is still to learn about compassion and it’s need for nurturing within the human spirit.  If there is someone in your life (especially family) who you feel lowers your ability to experience high vibrational frequency then I can only suggest one thing.  Feel as much compassion for that person as you possibly can and remember that all is as it should be in the heart of creation and the mind of God.  

You are loved and loved completely.

The Archangels wish you to know that more than anything 🙂


Grandpa, good luck in your journey and until we meet again!


My unconditional love to you all (even you Sandy),




Support vs. Intervention

I was asked an interesting question last week and it inspired me to write about a topic that is heavily misunderstood in our current society.  It has to do with our expectations of benevolent beings such as angels, spirit guides, and of course God.  The question was as follows:


“If I have a guardian angel with me then why have they allowed me to suffer?” 


To be honest, this is a fair question and the Archangels have an incredible perspective on this idea, but truthfully if you have to ask the question it usually indicates that you are not ready to hear the answer.  Therefore, consider this your “heads up” before continuing to read and please remember that this is just their perspective and nothing more.  You must look within and decide for yourself what feels right and real to you, they have no desire to convince you of anything.  With that being said, let us examine it from their perspective.


First of all, they wish you to know that in their eyes you are an equal to them in every way.  You are neither below them or above them, you are just as they are, a piece of creation and therefore a piece of God.  The ONLY difference that exists (keeping in mind that difference is only experienced by you and not by them) is that they reside in a different frequency than you currently do being that you are in physical form.  They are energetic beings vibrating at the level of pure unconditional love, that which is closely resembling the love of the one infinite creator / Source / God / etc.  


Because they have this knowing of the God-nature that resides with in you they have not the capacity or the desire to intervene in your life in any way, shape or form.  That which has been called Divine Intervention does not really exist as you have defined it.  There is no being “pulling the strings” and deciding who gets protection and who doesn’t.  Everyone is entitled to protection, but the word that probably best describes how their influence is felt is that of support.  It is very true that some individuals have experienced moments in their life where it appears that someone or something prevented a catastrophe from happening, or at least happening to them and I would not suggest that you are wrong.  However, what I would suggest is reframing exactly what took place with respect to the perspective held by the Archangels.  


They are not the ones who pull the car off of the child who is in danger of being crushed.  It is the mother who performs this act with the assistance of the angels, but without the mother this act could not take place.  The angel simply lends it’s support and assistance to you during a time of need and nothing more, for it is you who must make the decision to act.  And then, there is the case of the question posed earlier which concerns the nature of “bad things” happening to us and the experience of suffering.  Why are they not lending their support during those times and why must I suffer alone?  Why don’t they do anything to stop it?


Again, they recognize and value the creator God with in you, and if YOU have attracted or created a specific experience or set of experiences in your physical reality, then it would be an act against free will to intervene.  Remember, taking responsibility for ones life means that you take responsibility for the bad things and not just the good.  Everything you experience, on one level or another, is by an act of choice.


Everything. Period.  


For some, this will sound blunt and callous, for that I send you my love and my empathy.  My intention is not to diminish your feelings or burden you with guilt over creating a traumatic experience.  However, the first step in solving any personal issue is by first admitting that their is a problem and taking responsibility for it.  The good news is that just as one can feel defeated by the realization that they have created and co-created the events in their life, so to can an individual feel empowered by the knowing that they have the power to change it.  It is at this point that we turn our attention back to the good news, which is the fact that you are never alone on your journey of self-discovery and healing.  This is where the angels and Archangels have the most interest in working with you and lending their support.


Your guardian angel or angels are their to assist you during your times of need and provide you with guidance and protection when needed.  What this really means is that they work with you on an energetic level to maintain, increase, or change the frequencies you are vibrating at during any given moment.  They are not diving in front of a bullet for you, so to speak, but instead take the approach of helping you make decisions that avoid the bullet all together.  If you really really insist on having an experience that is dangerous and has the potential to cause you grave harm then there is nothing they can do to stop you.  However, they will try to send you messages that they are there and want you to be safe.  


The same angel guides are typically with you for the entirety of your physical existence, however there are some instances where different ones will come and go depending on the kind of assistance you need.  Certain angelic beings may have a particular interest in one part of your life  and therefore want to be close with you, either because you asked them to prior to incarnating or because they have a speciality they wish to share with you.  Perhaps, there is an important lesson that you must learn with respect to being compassionate, during a difficult and trying time in your life.  There may be a master angel or Archangel who understands the kind of support you will need in order to best amalgamate the experience in to your awareness and ultimately accelerate your spiritual growth.  




You are still privy to free will and therefore the choices you make are completely your own.  The strongest guardian angel in all of creation could not intervene to change the outcome of anyone’s life.  They will not do this, because they respect the god or goddess with in you that is capable of creating miracles.  That is not to say that they will not help co-create a miraculous event with you, for nothing brings them greater joy than assisting you in whatever your greatest passion is.  That may be in the formation of a fulfilling career, a masterful piece of artwork, or a new born child. 


With that being said, to answer the initial question, there is no being (angel or otherwise) that is causing your suffering in the first place other than what you have attracted and agreed upon on your own.  They are not just standing by and apathetically watching you feel pain, for this is not their desire and is most certainly not what they want to see you experience.  However, they respect and admire you for the fact that having these painful experiences can create catapult like jumps in your spiritual evolution.  They feel a sense of honour that you would allow them the privilege of being apart of your reality in whatever form you allow them to.


So what exactly do they do when you are in pain?   


They get as close as they possible can to you, both physically and energetically, and love you with as much power as exists within all of creation.  Just as you pray that they surround you in times of need, they pray with the same amount of conviction, that you will feel their presence and the intensity of the love they have for you.


Until next time,


My unconditional love to you and the beings who guide you 🙂




Every person on this planet, let alone every spiritual practitioner, has a “hot button” topic of discussion.  Something that they feel so passionate about, something that they have researched, studied, and meditated about, almost to the point of exhaustion, that they can’t help but react to when the chance arrives.  For some people it is politics, for others it is medical vaccinations, still others fret over dogs versus cats.  


For myself, it is the idea of being “realistic”.


We have all said it and we have all hid behind the allure and safety of this word over the course of our lives.  I am definitely no exception to this statement and I won’t pretend otherwise.  More to the point, I would say that a large majority of my life was governed by the “rules of being realistic” and therefore I have no problem staking claim as a former “realism expert”.  By expert, I mean that I allowed the limitations of realism to control my life and determine a vast majority of decisions I had to make.  There are few things in my life that led me to more sadness than believing that certain actions or ways of thinking were “realistic” and therefore the proper way to function within society.  


I would like to make one thing very clear:


You create your reality, so therefore, whatever you believe to be true about the world you live in can be considered what IS realistic.  


Nothing more and nothing less. 


Now, the common argument to this claim, that which is ushered by the so called “realists”, is one of questioning the so deemed “random acts of chaos, violence, and inhumanity” which occur in our world every day.  Why do these things occur?  Do people ask to be hurt, tortured, and to suffer in pain?  It is a good question and one that is important to address when having this discussion.  I am not suggesting to anyone who reads this that when bad things happen to someone they deserve it or that there is justification in blaming the victim.  That argument is not only false, but dangerous when supported.  However, the fact remains that we create our own reality, which leads us right back to where we left off.  How can we possibly accept these concepts when there is so much hurt happening around us?


While I won’t attempt to explain the entire process in one blog post, what I will suggest to you is that if you are only fixated on the pain that you experience than you are only connecting to one aspect of existence.  You are making the conscious choice to connect solely to the pain you have experienced, which you are allowing to become your reality.  Children, animals, the elderly, all of the “innocent people” we see being taken advantage of are in one way or another shaping the reality that exists around them.  

To those of you who have experienced severe trauma in your life, I would first wish to say to you how loved you truly are and that you are worthy and beautiful just the way you are.  You are not damaged, you are not worthless, and you are definitely not broken.  However, being someone who has never experienced torture, rape, violence, and cruelty I cannot tell you that I know what you are going through.  That would be a lie and a disrespect to those who have.  However, I encourage those who resonate with this to watch the following video of spiritual leader Teal Scott who endured some of the most horrific means of suffering imaginable.  Not only did she survive, but she has now thrived in a world that welcomes her teachings and wisdom about love and acceptance.


This may have appeared to be a side track, but I know that it is important to address before getting in to the real thickness of the topic.  So, what does this have to do with being “realistic”?  If you are currently in a profession or job that you do not like it may cross your mind to look for another employment opportunity that will make you happier.  This scenario is not only prevalent in the world right now, but it is expanding and growing faster than anyone can control.  This is happening because people are waking up spiritually and realizing how little joy they are experiencing.  But what if that person who wishes to find a new career says to themselves:


“Well, I should be realistic about my expectations”.

“I only have so much education, so it will be hard to find my dream job”

“There’s so much competition for the kind of work I’m looking for”

“I should just be realistic”


As stated previously, you create your own reality, so why on Earth would you wish to create a reality that automatically sets up road blocks and difficulty for yourself?  What is the benefit to thinking, acting, and feeling this way?  Most people who call themselves “realists” will use the explanation of not wanting to set themselves up for a let down, when IN REALITY all they are doing IS setting themselves up for failure.  You are deliberately creating a world for yourself that holds you back and restricts your creativity, your imagination, the amount of joy you can experience, and of course the amount of love in your life.  


There is an important difference I would like to point out to those who are struggling with this concept and especially to those who are practicing spiritual means of living in this physical reality.  If you are trying to remain open and create a world for yourself that is literally “limitless” you may run in to the occasional situation that is challenging and does cause you to experience the feeling of having a “set back”.  However, there is no reason to doubt yourself and settle back on the old stand by of “keeping it real”.  


What you are really striving to achieve is the practice of non-resistance to what is.   


You are not supposed to deny what is and pretend that things are wonderful when they are not.  This would be an act of resistance, which will only create more of what you do not want to see in your wonderful reality.  Instead of thinking of things in terms of what is realistic simply allow yourself to practice non-resistance and acceptance of what is happening.  Instead of shaming the world or yourself, ask yourself questions and be honest with yourself.  


“What have I been feeling that would warrant attracting this in to my life?”

“Have I been denying something?”

“Have I been ignoring my true feelings?”


Here is the main difference that you must understand about these two ways of being:


Being realistic is a passive form of co-creation where you believe that you have little control (if any) over the events that take place in your life.  You choose to settle for what is safe and lower your standards of what you believe you need to be happy.  You think less of people and their capacity to care about you or their desire to help.    


Being non-resistant to what is would be considered an active form of co-creation where you acknowledge that you are creating what you see around you.  You take responsibility for what you are seeing and feeling and make conscious decisions about what you would prefer to see.  You believe in a world that supports you and wants you to be happy, but also that it will be honest with you.  In turn, you are not afraid of being honest with yourself and are willing to act on what you discover.


I know this has been a long winded post, but as you can probably tell I am very passionate about it, and therefore, have a lot to say.  If you are someone who considers yourself a realist, know that this post is not meant to offend you or make you feel inferior in any way.  I simply wish to lovingly challenge your beliefs and ask you: 


Does the world reflect the type of life you want to live?  


If it does and you are happy with your realistic approach to life then ignore everything that I have said and know that I value and appreciate your perspective.  However, if you feel that there is something missing in your life, then join us on what you perceive to be the dark side.


We have cookies 🙂


Until next time,


My unconditional love to you all